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Entebbe establish sister city ties with Wuhan city, China

长江日报 19 Apr 2018 10:38

According to Changjiang Daily, Entebbe has signed a formal establishment of friendly city relations agreement with Wuhan city, China. The mayors of both cities had hold a conference in order to promote further exchange and cooperation, also with the goal of promoting common development.

Entebbe is a major town in Central Uganda and one of the closest cities in the world to the equator, located in southwest of Uganda. It is also the location of Entebbe International Airport, which is Uganda's largest commercial and military airport. Entebbe is the main air transport hub of Uganda and the center of south-central cities.

The mayor of Wuhan city, Yong Wan, has showed his warm welcome to the Entebbe delegation of senior public servants who lead by the mayor of Entebbe, Vincent Kayanja. He also showed his appreciation to the help from Entebbe towards Wuhan city. He said, with the deepening of China-Africa friendship, further exchange and cooperation in various areas have happened between two cities, fruitful achievements were received.

Yong Wan has also indicated that he hoped for farther cooperation between two cities. He willing to boost professional education cooperation, enhance the professional education level in Entebbe city; support to hold dragon boat race in Entebbe for a deeper culture exchange.

Vincent Kayanja said, Wuhan city has always give Entebbe unselfish support and great help, the friendship between two cities is being strengthened and hope that there will be more exchange and cooperation in new areas between to cities.

Original headlines:武汉市与乌干达恩德培市建立友好城市关系