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Chinese Dream: Construct powerful sports nation--Summary of development of sport

网易体育 14 Nov 2017 11:41

According to the ‘Development of Chinese football reformation proposal’, the breaking point of its reformation is to separate politics and organizations, make clear of each rights and responsibilities and self-discipline by following laws. Nevertheless, these are also the breaking point for reformation in China sports.

In February 2017,Yao Ming (姚明) has been assigned as the chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, this has also made an important step towards basketball reformation in China.Yao Ming is not the first professional sport player who assigned to these professional position, for example, famous badminton playerLi Lingwei (李玲蔚) is the vice president of the Chinese Olympic committee; China women’s volleyball team coachJane Lang (郎平) has been assigned as the vice president of Chinese Volleyball Association; the coach of the China Short Track Speed Skating TeamLi Yan(李琰) is the president of Chinese Short Track Speed Skating Association etc.

‘There's no making without breaking’. In order to gain sustainable development and spaces, China sports need to be separate from government regulation, streamline administration and institute decentralization.

Reformation in 360°, inadequate improvements

Marathon has become phenomenal, people kept posting picture of them going to gym on SNS, these have all proven that in China, nationwide fitness have become a trend. In 2012, 30,000 places for joining Beijing Marathon were ran out in 4 days, 1/2 day in 2013, and in 2014, the only way to join the Marathon is through lucky draw. The statistic has showed that ‘doing sports’ is getting more and more popular every year.

Reformation enhanced the area of nationwide fitness and sports industry, where these 2 fields were traditionally not as trendy as competitive sports nationally, in a short period of time. New concepts in sports and the large national demands have driving the changes in Chinese sports, it is now entering into a new multivariate era.

Nationwide fitness is currently at the new starting point, the president of China Xi Jinping has suggested once, “We should fully understand the positive effect of sports, improve people’s health level, popularize and put nationwide fitness into practice, accelerate constructions of sports facilities.”

‘No national health, No overall well-off society.’From the Shanghai civic sports games to Yangge league (秧歌联赛) that held in national poverty county Shanxi, then to the stage where mass sports activity were introduced in China national games, have all proven that nationwide fitness, regardless of region, are now climbing up to the same level of competitive sports.

Sports resources became very competitive in China, copyright of broadcasting China football super league for 5 years have sold at ¥8 billion CNY, registered Marathon matches in China have rapidly increase from 22 to over 300 in 5 years… Sports industry became a new popular investment field. Policies related to different kind of sports have published last year, which have provided new directions to sports industry.

2022 Winter Olympics Games in China, diplomacy with the world

“City to host the Winter Olympics 2022… Beijing!”On the 31 July 2015, Beijing was selected as the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which have made historical achievements for China that: hosting both Summer and Winter Olympics Games in the same city. China is responsible for spreading the spirit and the meaning of Olympics Games again, Beijing Winter Olympics is going to be another bridge that connect China with the world.

On the 20 August 2015, the president of China Xi has given important directions and instructions to Winter Olympics 2022,“Insist to create ecological, co-operated, fair and equitable Olympics.”

Ice sports will be helding in Beijing, Snow sports will be helding in Yanqing (延庆), Beijing and Chongli (崇礼), Zhangjiakou (张家口) respectively. This is also a chance for China to improve the ecological environments in these areas, thus enhance their regional developments. This is an extra task that China made for themselves, apart from hosting the Winter Olympics Games.

As the ideas for hosting the Winter Olympics Games are‘Ecologic, co-operate, open, fair and equitable’, the goals of China Winter Olympics Association are to improve ecological environments in China, insist to work with the local people, hosting the Winter Olympics together with them, thus allow the Chinese people to gain the sense of acquisitions and gratifications from it.

In Yanqing, peasant Xu Jiancang has raise his annual income to nearly ¥300 thousand CNY in about 2 years; In Chongli, tourism has make a profit of ¥2.5 billion CNY with 3 million 500 thousand tourists in total, which statistically has increased 27%. Also in Chongli, there are 1 person who is working on snow and ice related jobs in every 6 people. According to the‘China Ski Industry White Book’,the number of skiers in China has reached 15.1 million in 2016, which have increased over 20% compare with last 2 years. The statistics have proven that, China is practicing their commitment of‘300 million people to participate in the ice and snow related sports’ campaign.

In 2022, Beijing Winter Olympics is the chance for China to show their new image of more open and confidential country.

The president of China Xi has once said, “Distance cannot separate true friends who feel so close even when they are thousands of miles apart.”It is believed that 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will raise the cultural communications between countries, especially China with the world, into a higher level. In the past few years, the president of China Xi has been invited to attend the opening ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014; made visit to the Manchester City's new football academy in England in 2015; he has also visited the international Olympic Committee headquarters in Switzerland in 2017… pushing China’s sportive diplomacy into a different and higher level.