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High-speed railway in China brings out their confident

人民日报 14 Nov 2017 11:38

China high-speed railway, Renaissance EMU (CR400; 复兴号; fùxīnghào) has been permitted to travel at 350km/hr while running its services reportedly. The rise in maximum speed has shorten the travel time between Beijing and Shanghai for about 30 minutes. All the Renaissance EMU trains has installed with improved monitoring system, which allow better control on sudden-decrease in speed or stop under emergency circumstances. According to insider, China Railway Corporation is planning to upgrade the rail track, which then allow the trains to travel at much higher speed – approximately 400km/hr.

Top in high-speed railway, China gain its confident

350km/hr is the world’s fastest speed that high-speed railway (HSR) able to travel at. Renaissance EMU has proven to the world that China did not only contains advanced HSR technology and production system to construct 350km/hr HSR, but also has the world’s largest construction of HSR network and capability to manging this huge system. The success of China high-speed railway has proved again that, “Independent innovation” is the right path for China to go with, for their bright and highly potential future.

Completed systems, well-adaptable are the strengthens of China. Compare with Japan and Europe, China has the most completed technology, production, building and constructing, services systems and innovation capacities. On the other hand, China railway services have already covered among China, under different kinds of complicated geographical conditions, such as desert, alpine region, plateau and high-corrosive environment, which have also told us that China’s HSR technology is capable to adapt to varies environments in different parts of the world. Running HSR services under different conditions has gain China lots of experiences in construction, operating, manging and servicing of HSR in a short time.

“Face the challenge and improved, let our HSR travel around the world” is the Chinese attitude towards the future development of HSR. Europe and Japan have tried to pursuit and intercept China by using their advantages in technology of developing HSR at early period, set up the ‘standard’ which benefit to them and affect China. At the same time, they tried hard to take back the Top places through developing new technology. In order to fulfil their goal, Europe and Japan have already cooperated with other countries, starting a new transportation-science-technology project, aimed to increase their global competitiveness and able to respond to Chinese challenges. Therefore, by concerning to support China developmental strategy ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’ and the "Go globally" strategy as well, China should speed up the invention of new HSR technology, maintains their advantages in HSR technology, improve and enhance HSR system. Thus, allowing HSR to support and serve as a part in China development strategy, helping China to connect with the world. For these reasons, during ‘The thirteenth Five-Year Plan’, China has started ‘Special projects for advanced rail transportation’, one of its mission is to research and develop HSR technology and systems that are able to across different countries at the speed of 400km/hr.