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Into local Africa: China enterprises give Ugandan hope

北晚新视觉 14 Nov 2017 11:16

Africa, a far and ancient land that is new and unfamiliar to most of the people. When we mention about Africa, most of the people will think of warfare, famine or racial conflict. However, in today, Africa has already come through all those bad things, became a great land that possess with brilliant environmental sceneries, legal and stable society, abundant market resources… attracting Chinese people go travel and experience Africa by themselves. Chinese people did not only go there for a relaxing trip, they also set up business and make investments in Africa. Africa is now getting closer and closer with China day by day.

Uncles from the Chinese industry are always the popular guests among African children. The children knew that those uncles were friends of their own family, and they always bring yummy foods during their visit.

Beef soup is nearly ready! This kind and friendly African lady is sharing yummy food with her friends.

If you live near the equator, you will just become ‘hot’ like it – full of passion, you can see it from the clothes easily – colourful and red!

The old wheel is the most fashion and the can-show-off toy of the children in the village.

Because most of the people do not own the property rights of land, so if they were informed to move out, they will need to look for a new place to live immediately. Therefore, their house is like what we show in the picture, with high mobility while moving around.

Bob has 2 children, one is 5 years old and the other one is just 9 months old.

On the 11th August 2014, the reporters have visited this lovely village that is in the countryside of Jinja district, Uganda. This is the nearest village from the aluminium industry that operated by Chinese enterprises. Because the industry is working 24 hours a day, there were people who is having night shift yesterday. Bob was one of them, he is 39 years old, and he is the technical expert in the industry. When the reporters arrived, he just had a good sleep, chat with the reporters in full energy, showing them his warm welcome.

Bob told the reporters, ‘I have learnt the techniques of electric welding in the industry, for example like controlling the casting machine and extruding machine. After learning from the Chinese master, I am now able to operate those machine by myself. Because of this, my family do not need to worry about living anymore. And of course, I will be keep working in the industry, yes, here, until retirement.’

Jinja is the second largest city in Uganda, located near the Lake Victoria, which is one of the African Great Lakes, and the origin of Nile River. Because of this, Jinja is highly benefited from the water resources and contains high fishery resources, these made Jinja a very rare wealthy land in Uganda. In order to develop Uganda economic and improve Ugandan living quality, the Uganda government has carried out policies like Primary School Free Education Scheme and free medical care for general patients. However, as Uganda was restricted by history and basic facilities, the quality of living of local people is still below average.

Chinese enterprises in Africa have gave hope to many local common family. In the past, African people who worked in a foreigner-operated industry could only earned, at the maximum, USh 3000 UGX per day (which is about ¥7.50 CNY); in Chinese-operated industry, new members of staffs could have earned USh 4000 UGX per day as the basic, they could also enjoy a free lunch in the industry. After 3 months of working, if both side (the labour and capital) are willing to continue to work together, there will also be raise in salary after signing the contract. A more well-paid end of year bonus and daily bonus keep motivating the people to work harder. Today, African people will be very proud of themselves if they work in a Chinese-operated industry.

Similar to Bob, there are still many local people who think that the training they could receive in the industry, and the humanity they feel from the company are more important. In the interview, Bob keep saying that, ‘My boss in the past was harsh, Chinese boss is kinder and friendlier, and I am very happy to work in here!’